Ray-zer, egg beater combat robot

Fight 1: Qualifying round - beat the toy pony

I beat the toy pony but only barely. My weapon went dead because an ESC connector came loose. I lost drive on my left wheel because a rubberband (glued onto the wheels for traction) came loose and wrapped itself around the axle. After this round I added heat shrink and electrical tape over my ESC connectors and carefully glued down any loose segments of rubberbands. Problem was solved for the rest of the day!

Fight 2: Cabra de la muerte

This team was led by the guy who oversees the laser cutter section of Knox Makers. They stayed true to using the laser cutter and made a great bot but wood vs metal turned out to be a little like bringing a knife to a fun fight. The fur on the bot got wrapped around my weapon, disabling it but that was well after he was diasbled.

Fight 3: Bloody Mary

Some bots are designed to be more of a crowd pleaser than a serious contender. I held back to give it an opportunity to shoot its flame thrower but for some reason it didn't fire. Maybe I ended up hitting it a few times more than was necessary but the event is about a show for the crowd so I let her rip.

Fight 4: 80-HD

Made by a great guy this bot did well. Its flat backside and inability to self-right proved challenging for the driver but the crowd enjoyed the big hits.

Fight 5: Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary got repaired and we faught again. I won handily but we didn't get any video.

Fight 6, Final Match: BAR

This was the bot I was most worried about. It has a nasty weapon with spkies on the end, the weapon weighs around 10oz and spins at around 6000rpm. The up-spin of my weapon threw it around pretty well. The late hit was maybe a little bit of a cheap shot but the idea is to entertain the crowd, which we did.

A happy champ!